December 21, 2019 - BY Admin

The Best Anti-virus for Gaming

Award-winning protection with outstanding performance

In the past, anti­virus products slowed devices down. But things have changed. Gaming and security are not mutually exclusive anymore. F‑Secure SAFE internet security won Best Protection and Best Performance awards by AV-TEST in 2020 for out­standing protection that doesn’t slow you down. But do you need anti­virus soft­ware for PC gaming? Yes.

Online threats make no exceptions for gamers

Gamers are affected by all the same online threats as every­one else, such as malware and phishing. In addition, some threats are targeted specifically at gamers. It doesn’t help that many gamers think anti­virus is detrimental to both their gaming experience and their computer’s over­all performance. In turn, many gamers are left particularly vulnerable.

It’s also worth noticing that gaming involves lots of money and personal information, which attracts criminals. In fact, gaming-related online attacks have increased especially during COVID-19 when people have had more time to spend playing games.

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